Welcome to the website of Waters of Light!

Waters of Light specializes in making and developing pulsating drops, based on flower essences. The idea is to prepare essences that are as high-pulsating as possible. The essences are made from trees, bushes, herbs, and their blossoms that grow wild in the clean environment of Central Finland.

Our products, prepared by sun- method, are based on the model by flower-remedy pioneer Edward Bach. In this method, the defragmenting information of blossoms is transferred to the memory structure of water molecules with the help of sunlight.

The own basic pulsations of flower essences or essence combinations act as basic structure that binds the essences together, and to this structure various planetary, solar or galactic pulsatory models are connected. E.g. in the meridian essence, the spruce creates an harmonious structure through the energies of equinox and solstice days, to that planetary energy which can bind us even better to the wider cosmic framework.

All the Waters of Light- essences are prepared with full moon phase spring water energized by the method of Holywater.

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